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🎉 Get Ready for an Auction Revolution! 🎉

Discover the Mind-Blowing Changes That Will Take Your Auction Adventures to a Whole New Level!

Hey there, dear customers! 😃


We hope you're having a fantastic day because boy, do we have some mind-blowing news to share with you! At Encore Auctions, we've been working our tails off for the past few months, all in the name of giving you an even better customer experience. And trust us; we’ve got some fantastic changes lined up that will take your auction adventures to a whole new level! Get ready to have a blast with these shiny new upgrades! 🚀🪩


1. Instant Refunds: Hold on to your hats because manual refund wait times are ancient history now! With our snazzy new customer relationship software, refunds will be faster than ever before. We've integrated it seamlessly with our payment processor, which means that as soon as your refund is approved, it's on its way to you. No more twiddling your thumbs! 💰💨


2. Pickup Party: Brace yourselves for a pickup experience like no other! Our new system lets you "check in" online when you arrive, making it a breeze for our customer service staff to find you. We've even got a nifty intelligent-based system managing orders inside, ensuring we speed things up and serve you faster than ever. No time to waste when there are treasures waiting! ⏳💎


3. Supercharged Customer Service: Get ready for a turbo-charged customer service experience! We've got a top-of-the-line, all-powerful Customer Service software coming your way. Expect faster responses, better assistance, and knowledge galore. Our software keeps your history close, so whether it's Monday or Saturday, any agent can pick up where the last left off. Clarity is our middle name! 🚀🌟


4. Swift Shipping: Hold onto your packing tape, folks, because we've got amazing shipping changes in store! Shipping requests will now be fully automated, allowing us to pack your order and get you a shipping cost faster than a hyper-caffeinated roadrunner! And that's not all – we're bringing back phone support to Shipping! Our dedicated customer service team will be available to answer all your shipping questions, ready to chat with you faster than a talking parrot! So get ready to sail smoothly through the shipping process and receive your treasures with a grin from ear to ear! 🚀📦

5. Cataloging Extravaganza: Get ready for a cataloging experience that will blow your socks off! We've implemented a new robust system that will revolutionize how we catalog items. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to accuracy, detail, and a whole lot of fun! Our cataloging wizards are equipped with the latest tools to ensure every item's description is spot-on. Prepare to be amazed by the level of detail and precision we bring to each and every lot. It's time to dive into the auction excitement with all the information you need right at your fingertips! ✨💼


But wait, there's more! This is just the beginning of our exciting auction revolution. More awesomeness is on the horizon, as we continue to improve every step of your auction experience from start to finish. Stay tuned, and let the fun times roll! 🎉😄


If you want to know all the juicy details about these changes, please see below for all the ins and outs of our auction revolution. There is even a FAQ section to answer any questions you might have! 🕶️⬇️


These changes are currently in development, and we are excited to share an estimated timeline for completion below! Now, we know that new things can have a few bumps along the way, so we kindly ask for your patience as our staff gets acquainted with the awesomeness. But fear not; we’ve got your back! 🤝😊


If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. They're here to make your auction experience one for the record books! 📚🎊


Thank you for being part of our auction adventure. We appreciate you more than words can express, and we can't wait to rock your world with these amazing changes! So put on your fun hats, buckle up for a wild ride, and let's have a blast together! Woo-hoo! 🎉🥳


Mid-August 2023

1. Catalouging Extravaganza
2. Supercharged Customer Service

Late-August 2023

1. Swift Shipping (Partial)

Late-September 2023

1. Instant Refunds
2. Pickup Party
3. Swift Shipping

Both modules should be fully complete and live by mid-month August 2023. 

Exact date of launch will be posted here when available.

Phone support will return to the shipping department by late August 2023. The remainder of this module will be completed during the next milestone.

These three modules will be fully complete and live by the end of             September 2023.

Future Milestones Coming Soon!

Project completion timeline is subject to change. Some features may not be possible or available in the timeframe posted above.

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